Infrastructure Planning

What are your business goals, and what IT solutions can best help you reach that goal? Do you need on-premises servers? Do you even need a server? What applications make sense for your business? Are all of your employees remote and need tools for communication? Let Eddie Jennings Services, LLC help you determine how IT can be utilized to help you reach your business goals!

Server Configuration and Installation

Eddie Jennings Services, LLC can help with configuration and installation of servers.

  • Component installation and server racking

  • OS / Hypervisor configuration and installation

  • Service configuration (Active Directory, DNS, web services, file sharing, etc.)

  • Physical to virtual migration

Network Design and Configuration

Eddie Jennings Services, LLC can help you design and implement your wired or wireless (or both) network.

  • Firewall / router / switch / access point installation and configuration

  • DHCP and DNS configuration

  • VoIP implementation