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Getting Started with KVM

I always say I’m working on developing sharper skills for the world of Linux administration — and it’s true. All of my training efforts are focused on Linux for the eventual taking of the RHCSA exam. The process is going slowly, and when I ask myself why I’m moving slowly, the answer is two fold: 1. I have other projects going on that take time. 2. My goal isn’t to memorize facts or procedures and try to pass a test.

Item 1 is obvious. Item 2 is a conclusion I’ve come to over the years. While I do study concepts specific to the RHSCA, I am trying to incorporate using them in my home lab, so I can get a feel for using them in an actual Linux administration job. The alternative learning concepts in some kind of vacuum and never seeing how they can be applied to “real” scenarios.

I’m not going to chronicle every step, but as I learn new things, I’m going to take some opportunities to produce tutorial videos about them for the Youtube channel. One such video is below. Now I’ve been using KVM in my lab for a while, but I want to dive a bit deeper into it. For those just starting out with KVM, this tutorial will get you up and running, as well as giving a brief explanation about the “why” involved with the tasks that have to be done.

Posted on June 2, 2019 and filed under IT.

Bare Metal Server? Only Install a Hypervisor!

MangoCon was successful, and last week was super busy: two Peachtree Symphonic Winds concerts. At last, I have time to get back to my RHCSA study as well as back to making videos for YouTube.

Even though virtualized infrastructure is now the norm, no matter what size of business, the question still comes up about what should be installed on the bare-metal of the server. A server OS? A hypervisor? Something else? In my opinion, the answer is “a hypervisor.” In the below video I talk about two reasons why.

Posted on May 20, 2019 and filed under IT.